The oily smoke separation unit has been designed and constructed, considering compliance with the essential safety requirements and protection of workers health.

The unit essentially aspire fumes through the activation of a turbine, which develops a depression phase such that by applying appropriate accessories allows the capture of fumes.

The unit is composed by:
- a metallic prefilter
- an average efficiency filter
- an high efficiency filter
- an electrical activator with thermal
- a 3phase motor for continuous service

The unit operation is based on the principles of mechanical dry filtration. The design concept of the equipment provides for the interchangeability of the internal filtering sections. The continuity in time and filtration efficiency of pollutant , is ensured by coupling a various types of filter; the unit has been designed for the fumes produced by the branding, to ensure hot stamping operations in accordance with the fire prevention and safety at work, which prohibit the use of “free flames”.

The filter life depends on several factors, mainly:

- Concentration of smoke per cubic meter of treated air 

- Operating time

- Quality of maintenance

For further information please contact our technical division.

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