The ventilation systems for car parks, can meet two basic needs: to remove the pollutants and keep under control the fumes and hot gases in the event of fire, protecting escape routes, facilitating access to rescue teams.
The system we propose is innovative, involves the installation of axial jet fans with a range of accessories such as smoke detectors, detection system and regulation.
The air is injected into the parking in natural way through the openings or mechanical way by the axial fans. The fans are evenly distributed in the parking lot so as to minimize the points of stagnant air.
This type of fan, ensures proper distribution of air flow, creating a continuous air flow, ventilating both the lower layer at ground level and the upper layers toward the ceiling, removing both pollutants and smoke.
In the event of a fire emergency, the system limits the spread of smoke inside the parking, directing the flow of contaminated air to the nearest extraction point.
Our system has the advantage of eliminating the pipes with optimization of space.
This system is particularly suitable for car-parks with strong height limitations.

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