Our market and our specialization in each industrial sector

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Our company offers many products for the solution of complex problems relating to aspiration of fumes and dust emitted during surface treatment of aircraft during the implementation processes of glass fibers and glues or during maintenance of aircraft in normal areas or areas Atex classified


Our company offers a line of products and solutions specific to ensure to persons engaged in maintenance of motor vehicles in enclosed spaces such as garages, barns and review centers, maximum security in terms of air quality, particularly our facilities are dedicated to: extraction points exhaust, paint stripping operations and degreasing solvents. For these processes assure an air emission in the atmosphere at the end of processing cycles free of contaminants.


Our company designs and manufactures equipment for the food industry addressing need for sterile environments and handling of materials stored in silos or worked in the mills with the consequent release of dust and Atex areas.


Our company for this type of industry, designs and manufactures systems for solving problems characterized by the emission of significant quantities of pollutants from waste processing cycles continued, offering solutions that meet the high standards required for the treatment of air, ventilation and 'aspiration of fumes emitted from the molding, during which produces toxic fumes result of the use of solvents and the pneumatic conveying of paper shavings, creating environmentally friendly facilities.


Our company works in these two areas, which are characterized mainly by the need to work in sterile environments with high hygiene standards and the possibility of contamination and risks related to the process and the treated product.


Structurally affected by the emission of large quantities of powdered metallic nature, fume and mist, harmful to the environment and workers. Taping, grinding, milling, welding, oil bath and galvanic treatments are just some of the typical processes that require adequate technology for air treatment in the mechanical industry.


they are work environments that require high standards of containment of emissions of volatile substances developed (harmful, irritant, flammable) and immediately harmful to the physical proximity of the operator. We propose solutions for suction plants and air treatment of pollutants-( chemical and biological). In addition to the precision air conditioning, we solve problems related to product testing, certifying the air conditions of the test.


Our company over the years, has gained considerable experience implementing systems for refrigeration, cooling, extraction and purification of dust and smoke in the area, offering solutions for working and mixing of powders, for use of aggressive chemicals, solvents and polymerization in general, natural and synthetic resins, acids, corrosive, flammable in ATEX zones

Metallurgy - Metalworking - Welding

Our company has many solutions for the aspiration of fumes, vapors and mist emitted during welding operations. Specific solutions for TIG and MIG welding and plasma cutting, even in this case, we provide an air emission in the atmosphere at the end of processing cycles without contamination .SEGU' SRL therefore be considered environmentally friendly and identified as a reliable company and green


Our company over the years has gained considerable experience in textile, designing and manufacturing air conditioning systems of production departments that require strict adherence to thermo-hygrometer standards.
We design and manufacture air conditioning systems - Humidification and air treatment - Dedusting and high efficiency filtration - suction plants for dust and fibers. Our company can meet the needs of the working of all fibers, both natural and synthetic designing and building customized systems.


Our company addresses the specific technical requirements for suction and collection at source in areas with explosive, with great experience in design and realization by solving problems related to dust and gas in ATEX zones.
We are specialized in the design and construction of plants for put on security of extruders.
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